Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort  Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Thomas Marion Graham (1854-1939)

xx Thomas Marian Graham, born Aug 1854 Linden, Cass Co TX to  Jency Jane Williams {May 22, 1823 IN or TN]-May 23, 1901,  Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK] and  Tillman Williamson T.W. Graham  [May 15, 1817 near Nunnelly, Hickman Co TN-Sep 9, 1893; b. Bailey Cem].  Jane d. in Bailey  while living w/ son Tom Graham.

Tom m,1. in prob Bailey, Indian Terr (now Grady Co) in 1886 to Sophia Lee (Chickasaw Indian); no issue.  Sophia died in 1888, buried Gainesville TX.  per letter: "Chickasaw C‑105" dated May 9, 1904, Muskogee, Indian Territory.

Tom, m,2. in prob Pottawatomie Co, I.T. in 1892 to Nannie Bell Herndon Bowles, dau of __ Herndon and _.  Tom and Nannie farmed  in Bailey, then Criner: the Lindsay‑Erin Springs area of Garvin Co, OK.   Tom d. in Lindsay, Garvin Co and was b. in Bailey  Cem, Grady Co OK.  Nannie brought son Charles Bowles to the marriage, who used the name of Graham.    Issue, 3 ch: 

Bink Graham, Jan 10, 1894 Bailey IT-Jan 20, 1994 Carter Co OK and m. Docia Ann Welsh 

Mae Graham, Jan 16, 1896 Bailey IT  and m. Ben Jordan

Tip Graham, Jul  3, 1897 Bailey IT-Aug 26, 1971 and m. Rose Welsh


Bink Graham and Nannie Belle Herndon

Marriage in Parsonage of J.A. Ward, Minister Missionary Baptist Ch of Cox City on May 25, 1922 to Docia Ann Welsh [Cox City is in Grady Co OK, m. in Lindsay per Garvin Co OK marr record]. Bink and Docia dated six (6) years.

Bink Graham, b. Jun 10, 1894 Bailey, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, I.T. to Nannie Bell Herndon Bowles [Nov 14, 1861 Kentucky] and Thomas Marion Graham [Aug 16, 1854 Cass Co TX-May 11, 1939 Lindsay, Garvin Co OK, Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK, m. 1892 prob near Canadian, on the South Canadian River [now McClain Co OK], son of Jane Jency Williams [1833 IN or TN-1901 Bailey I.T.] and Tillman Williamson Graham [1817 Nunnley, Hickman Co TN-1891 Bailey, I.T.]. ...Nannie died in Bink Graham Home in Lindsay, Garvin Co OK on Feb 9, 1934 when Tommie in high school, and lvg with gfather; b. Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK. Nannie born to Lich Herndon [b. in KY], Nannie had a twin Herndon sister, who was also of small stature, who came one time to visit from Kansas" per Tommie Roland in 1990. (Doris & Tommie said Nannie had twin bro in 1999). ..  . "Nannie B Herndon had two sisters, Molly Bell, Annie Mitchell, Lidge and John Herndon, Wheeler TX. ... OR MAYBE...Mollie, Annie ...Lidge and John...

Docia Ann Welsh, b. Dec 15, 1896 Elmore [City], Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, I.T. to Emma Josephine Mitchell [Nov 29, 1867-Sep 11, 1918 Purdy Cem] and John Thomas "Tom" Welsh [Mar 4, 1863-Mar 16, 1927 Purdy Cem]. Docia's family lived between Bailey and Purdy. Docia was a telephone operator on the Gann Ranch. Docia d. Mar 18, 1988 Criner, McClain Co OK; Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK Docia's sibs: Adella Belle Welch, 1885-d. Lindsay, Garvin Co OK and m. John Beach; John Nelson Welch, 1888 Wynnewood IT-1969 Purdy Cem, and m,1. Gertrude _ [1894-1926]/m,2. Ella Harris; Pearl Christeen Welch, 1889-d. OKC, OK Co OK and m. John Sims; Melton Welch, 1892 AR-1898 Wynnewood, IT; David Welch, b. 1895; Jim Welch m. __ Farris; Rosa Lee Welch, m. Tip Graham. ...also maybe the Hazel Welch, Sep 26, 1910-Aug 19, 1922 Purdy Cem s/s Emma Mitchell Welch.

Emma J Mitchell was 2nd child born to Mary T. Campbell and John Mitchell [Nov 21, 1840-Apr 24, 1907, Purdy Cem, prob born Pigeon's Roost, Marshall Co MS, (1/4 Choctaw), son of Rebecca Folsom [c1800-c1850 Old Choctaw Nat, Leake Co MS, 1/2 Choct] and David Mitchell (white). Rebecca born to __ (full-blood Choctaw) and Ned Folsom. John Mitchell had younger sibs: Andrew Mitchell, blind single, Rebecca Mitchell, and Nancy Mitchell. ...John Mitchell enlisted in Pike Co AR in CSA in Co A, 4th AR Cavalry, Fishback Reg't, first mvd 1856 to I.T., then to Pike Co Arkansas, served CSA until got sick, sent to Little Rock AR until end of War, then went back to Pike Co AR, then in 1885 or 1886 to Jeffs, Choctaw Nation, Ind Terr. .......signed affidavits that they knew John Mitchell ca Jul 1896 Emmet, I.T. [now Johnston Co OK]: Green W Taylor, served in CSA with John Mitchell; Tennessee Gordon, knew John Mitchell's gparents incl Folsom; Jimson Perry; Dixon D Durant; J.T. Rappole; T.C. Wiley; Rachel Colbert; Tom York; Andrew Mitchell;

Emma's sibs: Luella Mitchell, b. 1861 and m. John Pyburn, 4 ch (Milton H Pyburn, Mary H Pyburn, James B Pyburn, & Mary L. Pyburm, Ethel Pyburn, Feb 1, 1905-Feb 14, 1905 Purdy Cem); Alfred H Mitchell, b. 1873 and m. Cynthia Walston, min 1 ch (Ollie Mitchell, b. 1895); John W Mitchell, b. 1874; Docia A Mitchell, b. 1885; Wm J Mitchell, b. 1882; Robt H Mitchell, b. __; Myrtle Lee Mitchell, b. 1889. ... Bell Mitchell...Wheeler TX. ....Nannie B Herndon lived in Archer City TX... Bounce Herndon, Holder TX (hard to read, may be Holder, Daliday TX" per notes in Mary Lois (Stultz) Graham Jones files of Marlow OK.

1. Tommie Graham (nmn) b. Jun 30, 1923 Lindsay or Criner, Garvin or McClain Co OK d. Sep 10, 2010 Carter Co Ok m. Clifford Roland

2. Doris Graham b. Jun 08, 1925 Comanche, Stephens Co OK m. Robert Charles Stanley

1. Tommie Graham, m-Lindsay, Garvin Co OK on Nov 23, 1951 to Clifford Roland [Aug 8, 1921 Lindsay, Garvin Co OK], son of Della Nail [3/4 Choctaw] and Fred Roland [born in Wynnewood-d. Lindsay Cem, m. Sulphur, Murray Co OK]. Della born to Joe Nails. Issue, 1 ch: Clifford Graham Roland, b. Nov 11, 1951 Lindsay, Garvin Co OK and m. 1977 Carter Co OK to Cynthia Decode, div 1983, 1 ch: Graham Richmond Roland, b. Sep 4, 1979 Carter Co OK. Lindsay OK. Tommie worked at Pryor's Dry Goods store,

2. Doris Graham, m. in Lawton, Comanche Co OK on Dec 5, 1944 to R.C. or Robt Charles Standley [Aug 15, 1921 Comanche Co OK-Aug 26, 1992 Comanche Co OK], son of Ola Mae Robertson and Jess Standley. Issue, 4 ch born in Comanche Co OK: Shirley Ann Stanley, b. Feb 24, 1946 and m,1. 1965 to Carl Schow, 2 ch/m,2. Christopher Hedrick, no ch; Sharon Kay Stanley, b. Jan 30, 1947 and m. J.H. "Pete" Carruthers, 3 ch/m,2. Vic Taylor; Lynda Sue Standley, b. May 24, 1948 single; Robert Charles Standley, b. Jun 23, 1950 single.

1a. Shirley Standley, m,1. 1965 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co TX to Carl Schow. Amanda Schow; Carl Schow.

1b. Sharon Kay Standley, m. J.H. "Pete" Carruthers, Issue, 3 ch: Joel Carruthers, Jason Carruthers, Jessica Kay Carruthers      Sharon, m,2. __ Taylor.


Herndon family

 Pat Brandenberger sent the top three photos plus this Fri, Jun 08, 2012 01:43 AM ... Pat Brandenberger's e-mail <<>> re: Nannie Belle Herndon Bowles Graham was sister to my great-grandmother, Lucy Ellen Herndon AbneyThis is where my info comes from: The Descendants of William and Sarah (Poe) Herndon of Caroline Co, Va. and Chatham Co. N.C. by Ruth Herndon Shields copyright 1956 Chapel Hill, NC.

I will send you photos of the Elisha Newman Herndon family. Elisha (7th) gen. 8th child of Robert B. and Ellen (Crowden) Herndon m. to Mary Susan Venable. They are both bur. in Archer Co. (Archer City) Texas. They had 11 Children No twins that are listed in this book. I will list the children in birth order: Joseph, Lucy Ellen Abney (my g-grandmother), Nannie Belle, Pataen, Anna, Mary Ellen, Sallie, Willie, John , Elisha , and Robert. Lucy m. John Abney and they had 10 children. I remember most of these g-aunts and uncle. Mary d. at 6 yrs, Lucy E., J. Elisha d. at birth, Sue Belle (my grandmother) Jodie d at birth, Ida, Annie, Ed. (only boy), Willie, Etta. Lucy lived in Okla. all adult life. All the rest lived in Texas. I never heard of any twins and do not believe there were any. Lucy was born 1858, Nannie 1860, next inline Mollie 1866. Hope this help.  Pat




Bink Graham Interviews

by  Patricia Adkins-Rochette before Sep 1990 in Veterans' Home, Ardmore OK

One time a man came to trade horses, with a Shetland pony in tow. My dad had gone to buy cattle. That blonde Shetland looked to me, then six-years-old, like the best horse I'd ever seen. I took the man into the pasture and showed him a large sorrel horse, that old man Wade had given me, that had never been ridden. The man put a saddle on the horse, got on, and was bucked off. After he was bucked off twice, we traded horses: my 1200-pound horse for his 500-pound Shetland. I held my breath until the man and my big horse was out of sight (he seemed to leave at a snail's pace), because I was afraid that my dad would come home and wouldn't let me keep that blonde Shetland. I told Dad about my trade. He didn't scold me.

We kids enjoyed that Shetland, Nellie, until she died. A hired hand, who was laid up a few weeks, made us a harness and a sled about the size of a single bed. Nellie pulled us kids all over the country. When Tip was about six, Dad got him a saddle for his horse, Minnie, which we put on Nellie, but for several years Nellie's back didn't see a saddle. Nellie could hold her own, in fact, she would fight the regular-sized horses. She had two colts.

When I was about 10 years old, I went with Dad to drive steers to the Bradley Train station about 20 miles away. The steers got tired and just laid down. Dad looked around and said that he knew Albert Goode who lived there, so we went up to their house. They had us in for supper and invited us to spend the night. Dad accepted. Since they had such a clean house and I had a kidney problem, Dad took me outside and tied a string on me. We spent the night and I didn't wet to bed but the next morning, my (distended) bladder was "a bulging." Dad took his pocket knife and snipped the string wetting his whole face. I guess there were no lasting effects.

"Bink, you'll get killed. You're liable to get an arm or leg broken, if you don't get killed." Dad said when he saw me playing football for Lindsay High School. I played for two years.

WWI --U.S. Army, Machine Gun Company of the 90th Division for 2 years.

Bink raised 20-tons a year of broomcorn on the Dude and Lizzie Ferris Place in the Tidwell School District about 1929 [Tommie was in my Dad's younger brother's, Louis Adkins', class]. He then moved to the Criner area near Lindsay to grow broomcorn. For __ yrs, Bink ran a grocery in Criner, sec 19 twp 6 N ran 3 W, McClain Co OK.

At Bink and Docie's house, the kids always ate first.



by  Patricia Adkins-Rochette on Sep 29, 1990 in Veterans' Home, Ardmore OK

 Tom first came to Indian Territory when he was 14 years old in 1868 and lived there the rest of his life. Brother Granville hired him to pilot a wagon in moving from Tennessee to Indian Territory, because one of his hired hands got sick. Granville brought from Tennessee about twenty cattle (probably red Durhams) and two wagons.

"I blazed the Chisholm Trail." Tom told many stories of the trail drives to his grandchildren, but he didn't arrive until 1868 and the Chisholm Trail's first drive was in 1866. It lasted until 1876 when southern Kansas farmers succeeded in making it off limits to the often disease-ridden Longhorns.

Tom married a Chickasaw Indian, Sophia Lee, probably in the Gainesville area. She died after only two years of marriage (1886-1888) and was buried in the Gainesville area. In later years, he asked son Bink to take him to Gainesville to make sure Sophia's tombstone was still there and it was.

Tom applied for an Indian allotment on his marriage to Sophia for both son Tip (son by a later marriage) and himself. Tom bought Sophia's two brothers new suits to go to Ardmore to testify in court that he had been married to his sister. He only received a Chickasaw-by-marriage allotment while Tip's application was denied. "Dad tried to make Tip an Indian." Bink, who was two years older, said: "Guess I was too blonde."

Tom tended Granville's cattle on the South Canadian River for four or five years, probably near the Chisholm Store. This was about the time (1890) he met and married Nannie Herndon Bowles.

"Come up to Indian Territory and pay the government and Indians cheap rent for cattle and farming rights on real good land." Tom wrote his family in Whitesboro, Grayson Co, TX. His father and mother, T.W. and Jency Jane, and all nine of his brothers and sisters came to Happy Hollow near Erin Springs or Happy Hollow near Velma in Indian Territory between 1884 and 1886.

Tom tended Grandville's cattle up on the South Canadian River for four or five years, probably near the Chisholm Store. This was about the time (1891) that he met and married Nannie Herndon Bowles, a seamstress living in the Chisholm home.

In 1892 Tom was designated postmaster for Bailey with his post office located in his thriving general store. The Mail Ack (__? Hack) stagecoach from Duncan brought the mail. Tom's granddaughter Rose has a chair that was delivered in the Mail Ack stagecoach. Tom sent two children of his three children, Bink and May, to school in Marlow; they lived with Emma Graham Crouch. After a while, Tom and ____ Hicks set up a school at Bailey: Tom furnished the land and Hicks help build the building. The school lasted about 5 years. John Miller was the teacher. John Miller also represented himself as Tom's lawyer in Tom's application for a Chickasaw Indian Land Allotment.

Three hundred cattle are the most I remember my Dad having that he ran on about 3000 acres of good upland grazing land near Bailey. He had Red Durhams with three or four registered bulls. His registered brand was a plain "D" on the right hip. We dehorned once a year. His biggest worry was cattle rustlers, so he rode the pastures constantly. We drove the cattle to the Bradley train station about 20 miles away and took them to the Oklahoma City Stockyards.

When the government began giving the pastureland as Indian Land Allotments, the new neighbors wouldn't rent the land and Tom was forced out of range cattle into raising steers. He bought a 200-acre farm on Rush Creek where he raised corn-fed steers. My goodness, the corn he raised on that virgin land were the biggest ears I've ever seen. Plus he bought the neighbors' corn. We had four huge corncribs that he made from split rails: about 15 x 20 x 10 feet.

We also raised about 50 acres of sorghum that we baled in small round bales.

Those years we averaged selling about two train carloads of hogs and one carload (about 25) of steers. We took the hogs to the Bradley Train Station in wagons.

Relatives that worked for Tom were: Ode Thompson [Robert Ode Thompson, b-1884, Belle Graham Thompson's son] who chopped corn for cow feed.

"My dad was even tempered. I don't think I've ever met a better man. He was a better man than my mother was a woman."

Dad used to send me across Rush Creek to Kilgore's Store to buy Tinsley Chewing tobacco by the pound. Kilgore sold the store and went to Texas. I used to buy Mammie Garrette Snuff, and, of course, since I had teeth, I'd chew her "brushes."

Nannie Herndon Bowles was little, quick, and fast. ... sewed by hand. embroidered. She had a twin (Pat Brandenberger said the Shields Herndon family history book stated "11 ch and no twins.")

"Nannie's favorite person to visit was Aunt Villa, Uncle Willy's [Wm. Benjamin Graham's] wife." Bink said. "There was never a finer woman than Aunt Villa."



Nannie Belle  Herndon Bowles Graham b-1860

Elisha Newman Herndon & Mary Susan Venable

Lucy Ellen Herndon     b-1858 & John Abney

Below are photos of Bink Graham, son of Thomas Marian Graham (1854-1939)

Bink Graham (1894-1994) in his WWI uniform.  His dau, Tommie Roland, attended Tidwell Elementary, Stephens Co OK near Purdy, with your editor's father (my mother is a Graham and blood kin to Bink.) She was in the class of Louis Adkins, who she adored. 





































































































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