Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Seven Militia Brigades of 1861 North Texas

All 33 Militia Brigades of 1861 Texas

Six Militia Brigades of Mar 1864

My study encompasses seven militia brigades of the thirty-three organized from July 1861 until December 1861.  This study of  North Texas contains 240 militia listings of men from 34 counties of these 7 brigades plus the brigade correspondence of the 7 brigades, which contains references to Indian Territory.  It should be noted that the objective was to enroll about 100 soldiers in each militia, but many captains fell short.  (Volume II. Appendix has 300 pages transcribed from the original records of 34 counties).


  7th Brigade:    Bowie County, Davis County (now Cass County), and Marion County.

  8th Brigade:    Red River County and Titus County.

  9th Brigade:    Hopkins County and Lamar County.

14th Brigade:    Fannin County and Hunt County.

15th Brigade:    Collin County and Grayson County.

20th Brigade:    Erath County, Johnson County (Hood County formed from   in  1866), Palo Pinto County, Parker County, and Tarrant  County.

21st Brigade:     Archer County, Baylor County, Clay County, Cooke County,

                                   Denton County, Hardeman County, Haskell County,  Jack

                                   County, Jones County, Knox County, Montague County,

                                   Shackelford County,  Stephens County,  Throckmorton 

                                   County, Wichita County, Wilbarger County, Wise County,

                                   and Young County.


Alphabetical listing of the now 35 North Texas Counties:         Archer, Baylor, Bowie, Cass (then Davis), Clay, Cooke, Collin, Davis (now Cass), Denton, Erath, Fannin, Grayson, Hardeman, Haskell,  Hood, Hopkins, Hunt, Jack, Johnson (Hood formed 1866 from),  Jones,  Knox,  Lamar, Marion, Montague, Palo Pinto, Parker, Red River,  Shackelford, Stephens, Tarrant, Titus, Wichita, Wilbarger, Wise, Throckmorton, and Young Counties.

1864 Travis Co TX, Austin, Mar 1.....The Frontier Organization District.....Governor P. Murrah and D.B. Culberson, Adjt. & Inspector Gen., announces, in compliance with the provisions of an act of the Legislature, the establishment of The Frontier Organization, on Dec. 16, 1863, and the appointment of the following general officers, who will immediately assume command of their respective brigades. per ORsIv34/2[S#62]p1011.

Brigade District No. 1, Brig-Gen. John S. "Rip" Ford

Brigade District No. 2, Brig-Gen. John A. Griffith

Brigade District No. 3, Brig-Gen. J.W. Throckmorton

Brigade District No. 4, Brig-Gen. R.H. Cumby

Brigade District No. 5, Brig-Gen. James W. Barnes

Brigade District No. 6, Brig-Gen. J.D. McAdoo

Editor’s note: These six Texas Districts of Brigades replaced the 33 militia brigade districts.

Throckmorton’s battalion was joined by three organizations to made a defensive north and west line:

1) south of Camp Colorado [Coleman Co TX] by Captain H.S. Fossett’s two companies

2) between Camp Colorado to Fort Belknap on the northwest by Major Barry’s four-companies

 3) from Red River to Fort Arbuckle by Bourland’s Border Regiment.


Texas,  whole state in 1861

Alphabetical by County

County, Brigade Number (1 to 33)

Anderson 11th

Angelina 3rd

Archer 21st

Atascosa 31st

Austin 23rd

Bandera 31st

Bastrop 26th

Baylor 21st

Bee 29th

Bell 27th

Bexar 30th

Blanco 31st

Bosque 28th

Bowie 7th

Brazoria 16th

Brazos 18th

Brown 28th

Burleson 18th

Burnet 27th

Caldwell 25th

Calhoun 24th

Callahan 28th

Cameron 32nd

Cass 7th  (Dec 1861-May 1871, called Davis County)

Chambers 2nd

Cherokee 10th

Clay 21st

Coleman 28th

Collin 15th

Colorado 22nd

Comal 31st

Comanche 28th

Concho 31st

Cooke 21st

Coryell 28th

Dallas 13th

Davis 7th

Dawson 31st

Denton 21st

DeWitt 24th

Dimmit 29th

Duval 32nd

Eastland 28th

Edwards 31st

El Paso 33rd

Ellis 19th

Encinal 32nd (never organized, 1899 incorporated into Webb)

Erath 20th

Falls 28th

Fannin 14th

Fayette 22nd

Fort Bend 16th

Freestone 19th

Frio 31st

Galveston 1st

Gillespie 31st

Goliad 29th

Gonzales 25th

Grayson 15th

Grimes 17th

Guadalupe 25th

Hamilton 28th

Hardeman 21st

Hardin 2nd

Harris 16th

Harrison 6th

Haskell 21st

Hays 26th

Henderson 13th

Hidalgo 32nd

Hill 28th

Hopkins 9th

Houston 11th

Hunt 14th

Jack 21st

Jackson 24th

Jasper 2nd

Jefferson 2nd

Johnson 20th

Jones 21st

Karnes 29th

Kaufman 13th

Kerr 31st

Kimble 31st

Kinney 31st

Knox 21st

La Salle 29th

Lamar 9th

Lampasas 27th

Lavaca 24th

Leon 18th

Liberty 2nd

Limestone 19th

Live Oak 29th

Llano 31st

Madison 18th

Marion 7th

Mason 31st

Matagorda 22nd

Maverick 31st

McCulloch 31st

McLennan 28th

McMullen 29th

Medina 31st

Menard 31st

Milam 27th

Montague 21st

Montgomery 17th

Nacogdoches 3rd

Navarro 19th

Newton 2nd

Nueces 29th

Orange 2nd

Palo Pinto 20th

Panola 4th

Parker 20th

Polk 2nd

Presidio 33rd

Red River 8th

Refugio 29th

Robertson 18th

Runnels 28th

Rusk 5th

Sabine 4th

San Augustine 3rd

San Patricio 29th

San Saba 31st

Shackelford 21st

Shelby 4th

Smith 12th

Starr 32nd

Stephens 21st

Tarrant 20th

Taylor 28th

Titus 8th

Travis 26th

Throckmorton 21st

Trinity 11th

Tyler 2nd

Upshur 6th

Uvalde 31st

Van Zandt 12th

Victoria 24th

Walker 17th

Washington 23rd

Webb 32nd

Wharton 22nd

Wichita 21st

Wilbarger 21st

Williamson 27th

Wilson 30th

Wise 21st

Wood 12th

Young 21st

Zapata 32nd

Zavala 31st


Texas,  whole state in 1861

Numbered by Brigades

Brigade number (1 to 33), County

1st Galveston

2nd Newton

2nd Orange

2nd Liberty

2nd Polk

2nd Chambers

2nd Jefferson

2nd Tyler

2nd Jasper

2nd Hardin

3rd San Augustine

3rd Nacogdoches

3rd Angelina

4th Shelby

4th Panola

4th Sabine

5th Rusk

6th Upshur

6th Harrison

7th Marion

7th Bowie

7th Davis (Dec 1861-May 1871, called Cass before and after)

8th Titus

8th Red River

9th Lamar

9th Hopkins

10th Cherokee

11th Anderson

11th Trinity

11th Houston

12th Wood

12th Smith

12th Van Zandt

13th Henderson

13th Dallas

13th Kaufman

14th Fannin

14th Hunt

15th Collin

15th Grayson

16th Brazoria

16th Harris

16th Fort Bend

17th Montgomery

17th Grimes

17th Walker

18th Leon

18th Robertson

18th Madison

18th Burleson

18th Brazos

19th Navarro

19th Limestone

19th Ellis

19th Freestone

20th Johnson

20th Palo Pinto

20th Erath

20th Parker

20th Tarrant

21st Archer

21st Clay

21st Hardeman

21st Cooke

21st Baylor

21st Haskell

21st Denton

21st Jones

21st Montague

21st Knox

21st Wichita

21st Stephens

21st Shackelford

21st Jack

21st Wilbarger

21st Throckmorton

21st Young

21st Wise

22nd Matagorda

22nd Fayette

22nd Colorado

22nd Wharton

23rd Austin

23rd Washington

24th Victoria

24th Jackson

24th DeWitt

24th Lavaca

24th Calhoun

25th Gonzales

25th Guadalupe

25th Caldwell

26th Travis

26th Bastrop

26th Hays

27th Lampasas

27th Williamson

27th Burnet

27th Bell

27th Milam

28th Eastland

28th Hill

28th Hamilton

28th McLennan

28th Falls

28th Comanche

28th Runnels

28th Taylor

28th Coryell

28th Callahan

28th Bosque

28th Brown

28th Coleman

29th Goliad

29th Nueces

29th McMullen

29th San Patricio

29th Karnes

29th Refugio

29th Live Oak

29th Bee

29th La Salle

29th Dimmit

30th Wilson

30th Bexar

31st Medina

31st Comal

31st Concho

31st McCulloch

31st Menard

31st Maverick

31st Mason

31st Dawson

31st San Saba

31st Llano

31st Blanco

31st Edwards

31st Kerr

31st Kinney

31st Uvalde

31st Bandera

31st Zavala

31st Atascosa

31st Gillespie

31st Kimble

31st Frio

32nd Duval

32nd Starr

32nd Encinal (never organized, 1899 incorporated into Webb)

32nd Webb

32nd Cameron

32nd Hidalgo

32nd Zapata

33rd El Paso

33rd Presidio

North Texas,  34 counties in 1861

Alphabetical by County

Archer County

Baylor County

Bowie County

Clay County

Collin County

Cooke County

Davis County (now Cass County)

Denton County

Erath County

Fannin County

Grayson County

Hardeman County

Haskell County

Hopkins County

Hunt County

Jack County

Johnson County (Hood County formed in 1866 from)

Jones County

Knox County

Lamar County

Marion County

Montague County

Palo Pinto County

Parker County

Red River County

Shackelford County

Stephens County

Tarrant County.

Throckmorton County

Titus County

Wichita County

Wilbarger County

Wise County

Young County



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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains