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Kimberlin Brothers


Richard Samuel Kimberlin, Jr. (1843-1932), right upper photo, may be in the Altus, Texas  (now Altus, Jackson Co OK) photo.

The four men in the photo are Isaiah, Richard, William Kimberlin and Julian Kimberlin.  Richard may have been the gent beating a drum in the foreground of the 1894 Altus, Texas  (now Jackson Co OK) photo.

1) William James Kimberlin (1834-?) He may be the J. Kimberlin SGT, Co., D 12th MO Cav. but I could not find him in any Census from 1860 on. He was with his family in 1850.

1)  Isaiah Jefferson Kimberlin (1838-1914)- Zaa Kmberlin, Shank's Regt. Co. D, Pvt. June 1865 Shreveport, LA (MO Archives) Records at the UDC and State Hist. Soc

3)  William Grant Kimberlin (1842-1927 Garvin Co OK, Whitebead).  CSA 12th Missouri Cavalry, Co D, Pvt, listed as Kimberlain..     His house is still standing, click on:   

4)   Richard Samuel Kimberlin, Jr. (1843-1932)- Capt. R.S. Kimberlain's Company D, 12th Missouri Cavalry.  Rank Private - Discharge: Private Allegiance: Confederate and Donley County, Texas - History - Camp San Lanham U.C. ...  R.S. Kimberlin, commander, Co. D., 2d MO, Cav. Shelby's Brigade, Texas GenWeb Archives

5)   Robert Kemper Kimberlin (1845-1930) I have not found a record of his service.

6)   Julian N. Kimberlin (1848-1932)- I have not found a record of his service. Tue, Oct 14, 2008 12:31 PM......... Marian Franklin <> >><<

                                                                                  No Date

             The soldiers, their wives and their widows, will have one blessed day all to themselves, free from interruption, in which to tell and retell experiences.  We will then shake hands and say goodbye, to meet again only on eternity’s shores, many of us.

             Let every one come.  Make this final last sacrifice, if need be, to come.  God bless your souls, I love you each and   everyone and nothing could give us greater pleasure than to see you face to face, to press your dear hands and hear once more, and maybe for the last time, your voices.  We owe this meeting to ourselves, our children, our Country.

             I want to hear from every man and woman who intends to come to the reunion.  Write me at Clarendon, Texas.

                                                                                       Signed:  R. S. Kimberlin,

                                                                                       Commander-in-Chief of

                                                                                       Marmaduke Division, U.C. V.

 Save this letter to remind you of the date.

Fri, Jan 11, 2008 08:47 PM


Tue, Oct 14, 2008 12:31 PM ........ Marian Franklin <> >><<

I just received a photo of the 4 Kimberlin brothers from a graves registration officer who is trying to get a Confederate marker on Julian N. Kimberlin 's grave at the Altus Cemetery. It's labeled with the names and seems to have come from an article in the Confederate Veteran, don't know yet what year. but Julian provided the notes for the article. The officer sent only 2 pages of the article and Julian wrote about the Walker farm incident and some more information about Quantrill, I'll forward his Email in case you want to read it and see the names on the photo. The earlier photo I sent you came from Fields Duncan and had no names.

Marian Franklin   <<>>



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 12th Cavalry)


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